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BASF offers a versatile product range of specialty acrylate monomers


Further informationon the products below can be found in the BASF Product Finder. Please click on the product name. Some products are not ye tlisted in the Product Finder. Please get in touch with your sales contact for further details.


Acrylate Monomers

Technical information

Behenyl Acrylate 1822 F (BEA 1822 F)

CAS: 4813-57-4 (C18); 
18299-85-9 (C22)

iso -Butyl Acrylate (IBA)

CAS: 106-63-8

tert -Butyl Acrylate (TBA)

CAS: 1663-39-4

iso -Decyl Acrylate F (IDA F)

CAS: 1330-61-6

Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA)

CAS: 12542-30-2

Ethyldiglycol Acrylate (EDGA)

CAS: 7328-17-8

Heptadecyl Acrylate (C17A)

CAS: 1473386-36-5

4-Hydroxybutyl Acrylate (4-HBA)

CAS: 2478-10-6

2-Hydroxyethyl Acrylate (HEA)

CAS: 818-61-1

Hydroxyethylcaprolactone Acrylate (HECLA)

CAS: 110489-05-9

 Hydroxypropyl Acrylate (HPA)

CAS: 25584-83-2

Lauryl Acrylate 1214 (LA 1214)

CAS: 2156-97-0 (C12);
21643-42-5 (C14)

2-Propylheptyl Acrylate (2-PHA)

CAS: 149021-58-9

Stearyl Acrylate 1618 (SA 1618)

CAS: 13402-02-3 (C16);
4813-57-4 (C18)

Stearyl Acrylate 18 (SA 18)

CAS: 4813-57-4


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